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Northern Utah Wedding Photographer/The woman behind the lens.

Hello, welcome to my first blog post.  I'm a little nervous and intimidated by all those that have gone before me,  but no less passionate about what I do.   I found photography after watching the process of my oldest daughter getting her Sr. pictures taken.  I loved how the photographer worked with her and how she brought out my daughters personality and her beauty.   I was always a shy girl growing up and didn't have much confidence.  To see someone work so well with people, I too wanted to become a great photographer and bring out the best in all personality types   Because I was so shy and didn't talk much, I would just sit and observe people.   I pride myself on the ability to learn and understand each personality and the ability to make people feel comfortable, whether it's their first photo shoot or their 100th.


I have been shooting professionally now for 7 years and have loved the process.  I love both wedding and family photography.  I find so much joy as a newly wed couple create the beginning of a family,  I also love capturing the joy of first time parents along with families that have added many children to their lives.  Family is what my whole life is about.  It is my reason for getting up in the morning and my reason for working hard and trying to set a good example of how people should be treated.  I love God and know that families can be eternal.  


Some fun facts about me: I love chocolate with nuts, it has to have nuts or why bother, am I right?  If I see a puppy on the streets I will 100% ask if I can pet it.  I love the mountains, take me there anytime of year and I will be happy. As a family we spend 10 days in the mountains of Idaho each year and I love every second of it.   I have 4 awesome kids, all girls except 3,  1 awesome and supportive husband and recently just added 1 handsome grandson.


 If I were to inherit a million dollars I would spend it on travel. This world is so beautiful and I want to see it all!!  

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