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St. George, Utah Temple Wedding/Tyson and Kelsey

I have always loved the St. George Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The beautiful white stone on the temple that sits against the Red Rock landscape is a site to behold. St. George has always been an escape for me in during the cold winter months of Northern Utah. When Tyson and Kelsey booked me for their August wedding in St. George, my first thought was, "well it'll be warm". We decided it would be best to do the formals photos at the temple the evening before the sealing so that we didn't overheat them during the warm August weather of St. George. What a perfect decision. The weather was warm, perfect for taking their shoes off and running through the grass. We were also the only ones on the temple grounds and were able to get some beautiful shots and also feel the peace and calm of our beautiful surroundings. I love shooting at the St. George Temple because of the diverse landscaping on the grounds. We didn't even have to leave Utah to enjoy a beautiful palm tree. The feelings of joy and love as I shoot each weddings session is the best feeling.

Love is such a powerful emotion and Tyson and Kelsey were perfect examples of what love is. Tyson was the perfect gentleman and complimented Kelsey on everything she did and said. He kindly helped her with her dress whenever it needed to be picked up or carried while walking to different locations. Kelsey and Tyson's love for each other can be felt in all of their beautiful photos. As the sun set on these two at the end of their session, I couldn't help but be so grateful for the opportunity I get to be around Joy and Love as I serve my couples during the beginning of their journey through married life.

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