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New Born Lifestyle photography/First time Grandma

My daughter and son in law got married on August 9, 2014.  I was lucky enough, or should I say crazy enough to shoot their wedding.  From day one they told me that it would be 4 years before they were going to start a family.   I secretly hoped their plans would change, but they held to their word.  My husband and I were so excited the day they told us they were going to have a baby.  It was a hard pregnancy for my tiny framed daughter.  She had major back issues and couldn't stand or sit for longer than an hour without having to lay flat on her back.  She was a trooper and still went to all the activities she wanted to, but would always find a place to lay down, even if it was on the cement floor at a comedy show.    

On January 9th a little after midnight I got a call from Nicole telling me she was in labor and invited me to witness the birth.  She told me I just want you there as my mom, don't feel obligated to take photos.   As a photographer I wasn't about to miss the opportunity to document the birth of my first grand baby.   When I arrived at the hospital Nicole had all the necessary wires hooked up to monitor the baby and her.    We visited and laughed and waited for our sweet grandson to decide that he was ready to enter this world.  

At 3:30 pm on January 9th, my beautiful daughter delivered a healthy baby boy!!  What a miracle birth is.  I cannot comprehend all the amazing things that have to work together, with God's help, to create life.  I was a witness to God's miracles as sweet baby Tayson Jake Zollinger entered this world.  

I am so excited to be a part of this journey that Nicole and Taylor are on in becoming parents.  I'm excited for my role as Grandmother

to love and spoil and kiss his cheeks off each time I see him and then hand him back to his parents to do all the hard things.  

Welcome to the world Tayson Jake Zollinger.  I will love you forever.  Get ready for a lifetime of photoshoots compliments of Grandma.  

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