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Meet Kalyn


My life and service to others, including the cognitively and physically disabled, has helped me develop the ability to see the beauty in others, even when they may not see it in themselves. I have always wanted to use this gift in a creative way, but it took me until I was watching my daughter have her senior pictures taken to realize exactly how I could do that. Watching her in that session taught me that a photographer can make someone feel amazing, excited, happy, relaxed, and gorgeous all at the same time, even on a rainy day. And, that documenting life’s happiest events SHOULD be wonderful, fun, thrilling, and everything in between.

These experiences launched my career in photography and I am thrilled that my journey has allowed me the opportunity to participate in special moments of so many beautiful people. My heart’s desire is to give others timeless heirlooms and incredible experiences through the medium of photography. Pictures are memories that can brighten even the darkest day and the experience of documenting these memories should be filled with sunny mountains and streams, decadent chocolate, rainbows and unicorns, or whatever inspires you.

While photography is my heart, family is my breath and soul. My photography adventure began years ago, but each new session is as thrilling as my first. I look forward to embarking on an exciting adventure with you!

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Hello! I’m Kalyn—a mountain-loving, chocolate-loving, happiness-seeking wife and mother of four. I am also a natural light wedding and destination photographer located in Northern Utah.

I adore getting to know new people and telling their story through the lens of my camera. My favorite photographs capture the beauty of life’s simple things, such as a hug, a tear, a laugh, or you being exactly who you are. I know each person’s story is unique and I love capturing moments that tell your story, while encompassing the beauty of each moment.  

These precious moments are why I began my photography career. I was given a priceless gift when I was grieving the loss of one of my children: a handful of baseball photographs. This photographer’s simple gift has brought so much light, comfort and joy to each day of my life since. This gift launched my desire to capture life’s precious moments in a way that transcends time.

Enough about me, what's your story?

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