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Bohemian Bride Desert Camel Formal Wedding Session

When I found out I was shooting a formal wedding session with a camel I couldn't contain my excitement. I have always wanted to meet a camel. To be lucky enough to meet a camel AND shoot a beautiful bride and groom, I knew it was going to be a great day? I arrived at the meeting place early, as I always do. The beautiful bride was already there. We were just waiting on Cosmo the camel to show up. When the trailer pulled up carrying Cosmo the camel, we were all excited to see this magnificent animal emerge from the trailer. The handler gave us a few pointers and told us a little bit about Cosmo. My first question was if he might spit on us. I had heard that camels spit. The handler eased all our minds and said that Cosmo has never spit on anyone. It was a lot like working with a dog, the handler would ask us where we wanted him to be and then he would call him over and have him either lay down or stand and he would then tell him to stay. Cosmo was sweet and gentle and his eyes just melted your heart. Talk about the ultimate puppy dog eyes. Oh, did I say this was a wedding session? After the initial awe of meeting Cosmo, we regrouped and shot some gorgeous shots of the bride and groom. The sun was perfect at golden hour to illuminate the bride and her beautiful bohemian style dress. The bouquet she chose highlighted the dress and the desert wedding theme. The bride and groom could not have been more sweet and kind. They would try any pose I threw at them with grace and elegance. As we finished up the shoot and patted Cosmo on the head and thanked the owner for allowing us to capture a once in a life time shoot, I couldn't help but marvel at the beauty this world has to offer.

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